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Yoga for Anxiety & Depression

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression

For many of us the hectic pace of modern life, conflicting demands on our time, global and domestic issues, societal changes perpetuated from social media which can instill a feeling of lack of community, as well as feelings of unworthiness that we cannot attain the ‘perfect’ life, can leave many of us anxious and depressed.

At its heart, yoga can been seen as a psychology – a means of working with the mind, body, emotions and soul. When we stop identifying with the physical plane and release our gripping to the material world we can reduce our suffering.

Combining ancient eastern philosophies with the modern western psychological thought, join Theresa for this three hour workshop where we will aim to use the practice of yoga to rebalance and reset.

NB This workshop is not suitable for people suffering from severe mental health issues. Please seek professional advice if you need to. The teachings from yoga should be considered as complimentary to other treatments. Please note Theresa is a yoga teacher, not a trained therapist or councillor.

Yoga for Anxiety & Depression Workshop starts in...








When is it?

Saturday 18th July 2020 2pm-5pm @ The Studio.

How to book

This 3 hour workshop costs just £42. This covers a 3 hour workshop and refreshments. Advance booking is essential. To book simply click here. We do not accept cash and money is not taken at any of our venues.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our warm and friendly workshops soon!

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