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Improving your balance with Yoga Workshop

Improve your balance

Not only do balancing poses tone and strengthen but they work wonders for focussing and thus calming the mind.

Taking care of your balance acts as health insurance for our later years, making injuries from falling less likely.

With this workshop we’ll ground the body focussing on the roots upward. Starting with the feet and legs we’ll build awareness and strength before moving on to another crucial part of building your balance – core muscles, activating them to create awareness of that important centre of your body.

Then we’ll lift off, building up from basic balances to more challenging ones to leave you feeling stable, strong and centred.

Closing with a grounding relaxation.

Yoga Balance Workshop starts in...








When is it?

Saturday 16th May 2020 2pm-5pm @ The Studio.

How to book

This 3 hour workshop costs just £42. This covers a 3 hour workshop and refreshments. Advance booking is essential. To book simply click here. We do not accept cash and money is not taken at any of our venues.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our warm and friendly workshops soon!

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